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Rob Berberick (Maddington WA)

I’ve been a spray painter for 32 years and have suffered most of the ailments that come with the job for the last 29 years including shoulders, knees and a lot of back pain.

I’ve been to many physios and chiropractors over the years, resulting with little improvement and remaining in pain after each consult. Then I was recommended to Barnes Physiotherapy Clinic. After my first appointment, I got almost immediate results and that was 20 years ago!!

Barnes Physiotherapy Clinic has since provided me the pain relief for those times when the body and job don’t get along!

So, if you’re serious about pain relief there’s only one option. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.


Tom Higson (Kalamunda WA)

I have received treatment from Bill Barnes over a period of fifteen years and have always found him to be most helpful and very knowledgeable dealing with a variety of problems. He has certainly made my life a whole lot better!

I would have no hesitation in recommending him for all physiotherapy requirements as he must be one of the best in the area.


Kevin Donetta (Kalamunda WA)

I visited physiotherapist Bill Barnes seeking relief from chronic lower back and leg pain which impeded work and recreational activities. Bill was quickly able to diagnose that my condition required surgery and could not be treated through physiotherapy practices. He clearly explained the injury and directed me to my GP, stating that he did not wish to waste my money. My neurosurgeon confirmed Bill’s initial diagnosis and I subsequently had surgery.


Lyn & Bill Hughes (High Wycombe WA)

After 25 years of attending Barnes Physiotherapy in its various forms, we can only say what a wonderful physio and friend Bill is. He always has time to fit in an urgent request for treatment, and if he doesn’t, he’ll make time. His treatment for various ailments is exceptional, and with a pleasant manner and bad jokes, he soon has you back on your feet. Thanks Bill, you’re a legend.


Kerry Davies (Lesmurdie WA)

I made my first visit to Bill Barnes in 1989 on the recommendation of our family doctor who suggested that if anyone could help me with my perennial back problem, it was Bill.

How right he was! Almost 27 years later Bill continues to work his magic keeping chronic problems under control, and also keeping me active.


Renee Jane Borkowski (High Wycombe WA)

Very much recommend Barnes Physio, they are all wonderful physios who care about you as a person not just as a client. They have always been able to help me with any muscular issue I have had. They are a great team, the lovely receptionists included!